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MFA Student Jonathan Brandel Participates in Code / Art Residency Program

Code / Control
Thematic: Code / Art Research Program

Code is an online project which occurs twice a year. It is dedicated to art research on digital issues within our societal structures. Between the 2nd of September and the 30th of December 2019, 14 artists-researchers (7 groups of 2) were involved in Code Art Research Program, to deploy new discursive questioning about our digital everyday life.

This way, collaborative research is becoming a way to materialize a critical look on society and reappropriate ourselves within the societal structures. Bear the Extended Body is the research of this program and is exhibiting as part of the Wrong Biennale.

Jonathan Brandel, MFA in Transdisciplinary New Media, was one of the 14 online residents for the project. Together with Yutong Xie, they met once weekly to discuss their practice, share research, and explore the idea of control in digital spaces. These thematics were organized and guided by Valérie Félix, curator of the Code Research Program.

Code / Art Research Program – Talk at IRCAM

Code is pleased to announce the participation of Valérie Félix – the initiator and curator of Code research program – at the symposium “Art and Science Residencies: Methodologies and Feedback” which will take place March 2nd and March 3rd 2020, at IRCAM, Paris. This event will be a great opportunity to get know other programs and residencies involved on the relation between art & science.

Planned at the Roundtable “Organising Residencies”, this talk will give a great chance to introduce Code / Art Research Program, the artists who were involved during the program 02019 – Diane Albasini – Sungwoo Kim – Yutong Xie – Jonathan Brandel – Carla Streckwall – Lisa Marie Patzer – Erin Demastes – Zhi-fang Li – Anita Bacic – Justine Batteux – Ian Heisters – Lara Tabet – and their researches.

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