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Modeling Space | an Interior Design Exhibition


Modeling Space, an exhibition of works by PCA students, faculty and friends, explores and illustrates the use of scale models as a conceptual and communication tool in architecture, design and interiors as well as a means of expression in other creative and artistic fields.

This month, PCA held its first exhibition of interior design maquettes, created by undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, as well as special guests Sébastien Perruche, fine artist and designer specialized in the psycho-social perception of our environment, Jerôme Aich, designer at FUGA Design, and Manuel Macaigne, founder of “Depuis 1920”, a multidisciplinary agency designing creative and nurturing environments.

The show, welcoming creations by students from all majors and levels, as well as faculty and professionals, was a great way for the newest major at PCA to share its pedagogical endeavors and goals with the rest of the community. The exhibition displayed different levels of creativity, execution, mastery of rendering techniques, and through it demonstrated the conceptual and communication value of 3D models in interior design projects.

After being shown in the main PCA gallery for two weeks, the exhibit moved to the Rocroy gallery for another fourteen days, opening yet another window into our school and programs to the passersby.

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