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Highlight: Interior Design x Fashion Design Collaboration

PCA EOY 2017-PM_A3813-© Pascal Montary
© Pascal Montary

This year, Interior Design and Fashion Design students teamed up for the annual PCA End of Year Show. The two departments worked together to design display booths for the Fashion Design class of 2017 senior BFA and MA collections.


Spotlight on: MA Fashion Design class of ’17 Sho Konishi, and Interior Design class of ’19 Viktoria Tamas!


The movie Avatar was a big inspiration for Sho, and the idea behind the booth was “mother tree”, with the models posing under it representing its futuristic creatures. Sho’s work is often at the intersection between nature and technology, questioning the relationship between the two.

For Sho, the phosphorescent condoms felt like underwater plantation which complimented his glow in the dark garments. Sho’s designs were also inspired by mushrooms, bacteria, and bioluminescent flora.


Space was definitely a constraint as they had to work within a 5m² limit and fit both the models and the booth in the allocated area.
More than 400 condoms had to be inflated and hung from the ceiling with phosphorescent blue stones in every single one of them. They had to practice perfect time management juggling finals and this project.
Another challenge they faced was finance and staying within a budget. Originally wanting to use technologies like iPads and screens, they learned to compromise and work with what they had.

© Pascal Montary


When working on a collaborative project, there’s often too many ideas with too little time so they had to learn to edit and compromise. Both students felt that the cross departmental project allowed them to share new concepts and techniques.

Sho and Viktoria were definitely inspired by each other’s work, and Viktoria described that they had the same personality traits, work ethic, and attention to detail which, resulted in a fruitful collaboration.

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