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"BAH VOILÀ" Graduate Thesis Exhibition

bah voila

Join us for the opening of “BAH VOILÀ”, a PCA Masters in Fashion Film and Photography Exhibition. The Graduate Thesis Exhibition celebrates the know-how, tradition, innovation and the professional skills acquired during the one-year Masters program in Fashion Film and Photography.

Without question, fashion photography is probably one the most fascinating fields in photography; it refers to glamour, beauty, and rebellion, but the most important thing is that it conveys a genre. Fashion photography took time to be legitimated as a form of expression, it is an ever changing-evolving-style that remains through the years, delivering strong messages and transforming visual culture.

The exhibition at Mi* Gallery is an opportunity for these five young professionals to share their research and visual work with a broader audience. They will enter the professional field with an understanding of the heightened demand of an expanding market for fashion advertising through storytelling in photography and film, using social media and capitalizing on the ability to reach larger audiences for a reduced cost through online marketing.

Featuring work by:

Chase R. McCurdy
Lili Mirab
Alma Rosaz
Dhruvin Shah
Tove Wall Dyrting

The exhibition is free, but do join the event on Facebook!