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PCA - The Modern Musical

Prakrit Rai
Prakrit Rai

PCA students enrolled in the Modern Musical class, a Liberal Studies elective, presented their final show during EYS 2019 on May 17th. H.E.L.P is a brilliant, slightly sarcastic and very well put scenario.

Alex is having a hard time defining herself and her sexuality. What is she attracted to? And why? The Goddesses and Gods, alarmed by Alex’s situation, decide to act on it and help her out. But it doesn’t go as planned…

By challenging our views on femininity and sexuality, H.E.L.P reveals itself to be a joyful ode to self-acceptance and freedom of spirit.

The scenery design was conceived and built in collaboration with PCA Graduate students in Interior Design.

The Modern Musical course is overseen by the Liberal Studies department as it provides students with a complete introduction to the history of musical theatre. Within this class there was an emphasis on the broad themes that have influenced the genre, as well as the continuing importance of cultural diversity and ethnic influences on the genre from English popular culture, Southern US African-American traditions and the Yiddish culture from the Lower East Side of New York.

By Harriet Ryu and the Modern Musical Class:

Nadiya Saleh Saeed Alamoudi bin Lasam Al Monsib
Yoonjin Cho
Wendy Choi
Nina Geslot
Kenza Hamoumi
Keiji Ishida
Naomi Jost
Hayen Kim
Claudia Murillo
Jorene Tavora
Chloé Tournier-Decret
Jacob Truax

Choreography: Wendy Choi

Faculty Advisor: Drew Eisenhauer

Set and Theatre Design: Marcos Garcia & Graduate Interior Design Class