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Nespresso Talents 2018 "The Difference She Makes"


This year, Nespresso Talents want you to share the stories of women who make a difference in their 2018 contest. The theme this year is “The Difference She Makes.”

Join them in casting a light on their achievements, the small ordinary ones and the big extraordinary ones. We’re after inspiring stories, made by women and men, which celebrate the strength, the talent and the innovation of the women who spark change.

This contest highlights the stories of all women, the ordinary, the extraordinary and the billions that are both. Tell their stories. Join them in recognising their achievements, their talents and their vision. Shine a light on the changes they have made, however big or small.

Your story can take place in your home, in your neighbourhood, or in your classroom. It can feature your friends, family, or complete strangers. It can be a documentary, or a fictional world of your own creation. It can be animated or filmed. All genres are welcome in the form of fiction, documentary, animation or clip video.

The only rule is that it must be shot in 9:16.

In this mobile world, more and more people are watching vertical video, so challenge yourself with this new format and see what you can create. Vertical doesn’t just mean turning your camera on its side. People now see the world through a vertical frame and all visual arts have to adapt to this reality. Vertical brings a new emphasis on the truly relevant and immediate in content, whether useful or emotional. It is a new kind of up-close-and-personal intimacy via people’s private interface to whatever and whoever is closest and most important to them. And the small screen suits close-up work very well.

Personal Info:

All filmmakers entering the contest will be required to provide personal photos and some biographical details to be eventually published with their film including:

  • Name and surname
  • Age
  • Country of Residence
  • Occupation
  • Film Title
  • A sentence about the Author
  • A quote on vertical and how it inspires you (140 characters max)

Please add this information when uploading your content in your video’s description. Please upload your photo as a zipped file (together with the releases form) in the “Actors and or other people’s rights” field when uploading your content.

Tech Specs:

Video length: 3 minutes max.
Video Format: 9:16 Full HD 1080X1920, 25fps, high quality sound, file .mp4 or .mov, codec video h264, minimum rate 10000 kbps
Max size: 2GB

Additional info:

  • Your film can be created with any digital device or software including digital film cameras, smartphones, digital still cameras and camcorders.
  • Video that has been retouched using software or by other means will be accepted.
  • Retouched photography using camera app or photo editing app is also accepted.
  • Both colour and monochrome films will be accepted.
  • Any required music should be original, unreleased music or music taken from Userfarm’s Music Library, available for every filmmaker.
  • The videos must not contain or refer to any brands and products other than Nespresso. If there are products we require them to be blurred, otherwise the video will not be approved.
  • Videos submitted must be original and not previously broadcasted or published online.

Local Selections:
These categories will reward 3 films in each participating country (USA, Canada, Mexico, Czech Republic, Germany, UK & Ireland, France and Spain) selected by each local jury.

International Jury Selection:
This category will reward 3 films selected by the jury.

For further queries or to participate, click here and good luck.