fbpx Nicolas Havette. From nothing comes something. — PCA

Nicolas Havette. From nothing comes something.

Robin Lopvet, courtesy Galerie Le Magasin de Jouets

Klaus Fruchtnis, Editor, Contributor, and member of the Board of Urbanautica France, talked with Nicolas Havette, photographer, PCA faculty, curator and artistic director.

Havette, an eclectic figure in the photography panorama has had many interesting experiences and shares his perspectives with the photo and art community.

By a mirror effect photography also is about what we decide to forget and what you decide to not see and not share… Photography is about collecting small pieces of the world and creating slowly by slowly your personal totem with them (Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Museum collections, family albums…). That is how I see the act of photographing, the frame of this activity. – Nicolas Havette

The full interview is available on Urbanautica.