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Open Call: MDES Students Curate Exhibition!


Do you think your art is a tool for change? Do you pursue critical thinking about our society with the work you make?
And do you want to exhibit your work in a new platform in a very cool location along other professional artists?
This is your chance! We are looking for works from PCA students and friends that showcases our will for change in our society! Any format allowed!

Art is a media for critical thinking, defying the status quo and proposing new perspectives in our realities. We know that this media can combat problems faced by our society. So many artists refuse to turn a blind eye. We want to create a platform for them to inspire discussion and activism.
We want to foment the conscious pioneers of today and tomorrow. Propelled by them, we can create a community of change-makers and awareness-raisers. 

As every art movement in history started with a manifesto, the main outcome of our first instalment is a collective ‘What Art Can Do for Social Impact Manifesto.’ It will promote our views, intentions, and actions towards better relations between society, humans, and nature.

Send us your submissions which should include a photo and description of your work!
The deadline has been extended to 06 December, 2017.
Send your works to [email protected]