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Pantin - City of Luxury Fashion Houses


Situated north east of Paris, Pantin – ex communist city in the Seine-Saint-Denis departement – has gone through a revamp in the past few years. With its industrial architecture, Pantin has been dubbed Paris’ Brooklyn, and the city is quickly becoming a major cultural center with the monolithic Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery and the Philharmonie of Paris recently opening here.

Not only a new cultural mecca, Pantin is quickly becoming a major hub for luxury accessories and fashion. Spanning entire blocks, the fashion house Hermès has set up their ateliers here and Chanel installed their headquarters on the banks of the Canal de l’Ourcq in 2013.

“Pantin offers interesting propects of unlimited space, and many artisans and craftspeople live around the north and east of Paris.”
-Bernhardt Eichner, Managing Director of Hermès Services Groupe

Compagnons du devoir, the French organization of craftsmen and artisans dating from the Middle Ages, have installed their ateliers in Pantin as have the master embroiderers, Lesage and specialist in feathers and floral creations, Lemarié.

As Pantin is located a short metro ride from the PCA campus, our students have the opportunity to take advantage of all this vibrant city has to offer.