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PCA Study Abroad Students Intern at Paris Fashion Week

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At Paris College of Art, we encourage all our students to take on internships during their time in Paris. This does not exclude our study abroad students!

Paris Fashion Week is a great opportunity to gain work and industry contact time during the semester. PCA students have worked with companies such as: Victoria Beckham; Alexander Wang; Rag and Bones; Tranoi, Première Classe and Who’s Next trade shows; Carolina Herrera; Zac Posen, and many more.

Find out what our study abroad students got up to during the Haute Couture and Men’s fashion week in January 2017.

Marianna Mendoza
Communication Design

Internship: 3.1Phillip Lim
Take Away: One of the many things I learned during my internship with Phillip Lim, is that you have to have a great working environment for your brand to be successful.This is my first experience working in fashion, so it was a bit scary, but I was able to overcome each challenge and it became an amazing experience!
Hardest Challenge: Working all day on your feet!

Karen Humphrey
Fashion Design

Internship: Oscar de la Renta
Take Away: The best learning experience was to understand how a showroom operates in a high fashion setting and to experience the behind the scene challenges to pull everything together to make a great show!
Hardest Challenge: I learned that even though the tasks you need to do in a showroom do not seem difficult at first, it’s all about time and quality of your work, everything happens so fast so you have to work efficiently!

Kamaria Cunningham

Internship: Oscar de la Renta
Take Away: I learned how to keep a high spirit and to be myself even under pressure! I loved this experience, it was my first time working with a high fashion brand and that really motivated me to keep my head in the right place. I enjoy working backstage and being part of the crew that puts it all together. And so, I would do the experience again ten times over.
Hardest Challenge:  Working with all different types of people and personality types while keeping a highly positive attitude.