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PART 2 : 'Inhabit' Project - A PCA, Central Saint Martins, Eurostar Collaboration


The collaborative project titled, Inhabit with Central Saint Martins and Eurostar continues as PCA students received their packages from their partners from CSM on Monday October 19th 2015. It was an exciting morning with the students all there at 9:45am, before class, waiting for their names to be called out to receive their envelopes so they could have a glimpse of the clues about their partners.

Students received various things like puzzles, mind maps, photographs and a lot of interesting responses to the first task. The second task has been assigned and we’re all eager to see how that turns out!

On Saturday November 7th, there will be a skype lecture and brainstorm session between the two schools. Stay tuned to follow the progression of the project with Aditi!

Task Two: Environment-Habitat-Space-Occupy-Community-Location-Architecture-Transport

Today (Monday October 19th) you will receive an envelope from your partner(s) in London or Paris. We would like you to respond to the contents of the envelope in writing. Just as a detective would try to decipher details about your partner and the environment they inhabit.

Think again about the following questions, but this time in relation to someone else:

Who are they? Where do they inhabit? What kind of space do they inhabit? How often do they inhabit it? Do they have temporary or permanent space they inhabit? How do they inhabit? What is to inhabit? What do you consider is their habitat?

The text must be:
at least 500 words
sent by email to the address written on the envelope

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