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Participate in Climate Change Theatre Action at PCA


Come join us on Friday, April 15 for a laugh, a bit of dialogue, and some cookies as PCA takes part in the international action on global warming.

You can be the audience and the actor as we read together several funny, short, and moving plays from Climate Change Theatre Action, joining a world-wide movement for awareness of climate change.

Participate in a “cold read” — that means no rehearsal and no learning lines. You will be handed out a part in a short play, told where to sit, stand, or lie — to help the planet stay a bit cooler.

Our play reading event will be registered with many others around the world.

We have 50 playwrights from all six livable continents, from countries as diverse as Australia, Canada, France, India, Jordan, Kenya, Mexico, Palestine, Uganda, the U.K., and the U.S., and as many venues around the world. Know that you will be in good company and that your efforts will be echoed by the efforts of many, many other artists.

Originally conceived as a series of play-readings to be held during the COP21 climate change conference in Paris, the events are now continuing to form a new tradition of awareness of climate change — and because reading plays and eating cookies are fun!

The event at PCA has been organized by Cathrine Winsnes and Drew Eisenhauer.

Climate Change Theatre Action
Paris College of Art
15 Rue Fenelon
75010 Paris, France
Friday April 15th | 16:45 to 18:45

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