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PCA Faculty Julien Odile's Project for Social Housing with Paris Habitat

Photo by David Foessel

Odile+Guzy, Julien Odile’s architecture company, just completed a social housing project for Paris Habitat.

The project proposes the construction of 28 social housing units divided into two contrasted entities: an urban seven story-high carved building, and wooden houses in a green courtyard.

Julien Odile teaches Project Communications at PCA in which students learn the necessary practical skills to describe and represent space. The first semester is dedicated to 2D technical drawing (dimensions, scale, plan, section, elevation views, and axonometric projections) by hand as well as in AutoCAD and the illustration of interior design proposals in Illustrator and Photoshop. In the second semester, students learn the systematic use of perspective sketches and are introduced to digital techniques.

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