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PCA Faculty Thu-Van Tran Finalist for the Marcel Duchamp Prize


Fine Arts faculty Thu-Van Tran has been selected among four finalists for the coveted Marcel Duchamp Prize. The artists were invited by the Centre Pompidou Museum in Paris, France to exhibit their works from Wednesday, October 10 to Monday, December 31, 2018.

Created in 2000 by the Association for the International Distribution of French Art in partnership with the Pompidou Museum, the Marcel Duchamp Prize, named after the artist, is now one of the most prestigious awards in the contemporary art world.

Its ambition is to honor a French artist, or artist residing in France representing their generation, who works in the field of visual arts: installation, video, painting, photography, sculpture. Celebrating the ideals of the artist the prize was named after, this competition aims to bring together the most innovative artists of their generation active in the French scene and encourages all new artistic forms.

The winner receives €35,000 personally and a grant of up to €30,000 in order to produce a solo exhibition in the Pompidou Museum.

The exhibition will display unpublished works by the finalists: Mohamed BourouissaClément CogitoreThu-Van Tran and Marie Voignier.

The winner of the Marcel Duchamp Prize 2018 will be announced on October 15, 2018.

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