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PCA Launches Two New MA/MFA Programs


Paris College of Art is excited to announce the expansion of our Master’s degrees offerings to include two new NASAD accredited Master of Arts (MA) / Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programs, an incredible opportunity for students to establish their art practice in a vibrant European city known for its creativity and fostering of the arts.

The programs will include MA/MFAs in:

The new Master of Arts/Master of Fine Arts (MFA/MFA) in Drawing is a program designed for students whose creative practice is predominately rooted in drawing. Candidates for this program will be seeking new contexts and experiences for developing established/existing practices. The work that students make in their studio is central to the content and structure of the course. The aim is to explore contemporary and emerging approaches to drawing alongside the continued acquisition and practice of academic skills.

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Photography & Image Making
The Master of Arts/Master of Fine Arts (MFA/MFA) in Photography and Image Making focuses specifically on new types of visual storytelling: still image, moving image, and multimedia, with a curriculum that emphasizes new media and transdisciplinary skill sets, and understands photography as a hybrid and emerging art form. The program explores digital-image-making as a force and it is designed as a practiced-based and process-oriented program.

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