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PCA Talks: Good Writing is Good Design

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Putting words together is not unlike taking a picture, crafting an illustration, or creating a layout.  In this day and age, with image banks flooding the market with stunning yet conventional photographs, words offer a refreshing alternative. Vocabulary, grammar and syntax are the latest creative tools. Writing well is a priceless skill — something only human can master. Artificial Intelligence will never be able replicate our brain’s ability to surprise, engage, or convince with the right words.

In her PCA Talk, Véronique Vienne, a former magazine art director in the USA, will talk about becoming a writer by using the same savoir-faire she developed as an editorial designer. Her books, essays, and articles are the results of visual insights rather than mental reckoning.

The talk will take place at PCA on 7 April, in the auditorium from 6.30pm-8:00pm.

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