fbpx PCA x HCA present their collaborative exhibition,”Juxtaposition, a Fusion of International Voices” — PCA

PCA x HCA present their collaborative exhibition,"Juxtaposition, a Fusion of International Voices"

©Jess Watts, HCA Student (left) | ©Olivia Sagrera Artigues, PCA student (right)

The Collaborative works are being displayed simultaneously in the window galleries of both schools from April 8 to 15, 2024

PCA Window Gallery | 8 rue Rocroy 75010 PARIS
HCA Window Gallery | Folly Lane, Hereford, HR1 1LT

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Welcome to “Juxtaposition,” an exhibition born from the collaborative spirit and global perspectives of students from the International Foundation Program at Paris College of Art and Hereford College of Arts. Inspired by the groundbreaking partnership between Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, the initiative explores the intersections of culture, creativity, and collaboration.


Drawing upon each student’s diverse interests and backgrounds, each student has been paired with a counterpart from a different country, sparking a cross-cultural exchange of ideas and inspirations. The submitted drawings from the joint classes catalyze the collaborative journey, providing a rich tapestry of themes and motifs to draw.

As the students delve into the submitted artworks, they uncover intriguing similarities and unexpected connections that transcend geographical boundaries. From shared symbols to converging narratives, these drawings become the building blocks for our exploration. Yet, it is in the juxtaposition of the divergent perspectives that the true magic unfolds.


The challenge is to merge these distinct voices into a cohesive, dynamic whole. Drawing inspiration from Warhol and Basquiat, we seek to bridge cultural divides and blur the lines between tradition and innovation. Through dialogue and experimentation, the students weave together threads of identity and imagination, forging a new artistic language that speaks to our shared humanity.

However, the collaboration continues beyond drawing alone. Embracing the spirit of interdisciplinary exploration, students invite other mediums—animation, ‘zines, video, and more—into their creative dialogue. In doing so, they discover a “third distinctive and unique mind” whose voice adds depth and dimension to their collective expression.


“Juxtaposition” is more than just an exhibition; it celebrates cultural exchange and creative possibility. As you immerse yourself in the artworks on display, we invite you to witness the power of collaboration to transcend borders and redefine what is possible when diverse voices come together in pursuit of a shared vision.

Statement by Joe Jonhson, PCA Chair of Foundation