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"Rays of Light" installation of Francisco Spratley

Lluernia 2023- Ray of light by night 02
Lluernia 2023 -Ray of light, by night copyright fspratley studio

The Lluernia Festival, a festival of fire and light, is an international event held in the Catalonia region, in Olot. The challenge presented to all participants is to reflect on the theme of fire and light, and the selected proposals will be featured during the 2-day festival.

This festival has become a reference in the field of events of this nature, similar to the “Fête des Lumières” festival held annually in Lyon, France, and the “Mapping Festival” in Geneva, Switzerland. Once again, the organizing committee of Lluernia has issued a call for new artistic proposals for the 2023 edition.

Out of all the proposals submitted, four installations were selected for this year’s Lluernia program, which are as follows:

1 – “Synchronum” by Salvestudio
2 – “Metrópolis” by SP25Arquitectura (David Oliva and Elisenda Planas) + Atelier4 (Anna Juncà)
3 – “Rays of Light” by Francisco Spratley
4 – “Light Arc” by Eduard Abril Barrena, Joan Carles Angulo Fernandez, Adrià Borràs Padrosa, Eudald Bosch Carreiras, Eudald Cadanet Buch, Arnau Costa Quintana, Aurora Gavaldà Gorriz Azul, Maria Fevre, Maria Piscopo, Arià Pla i Coll, Mireia Quero Rodriguez, Joan Salavedra Rovira, Jennifer Vega Marrugo, Mercè Ventalló Figueras, and Carla Vilà Muñoz.

Among the four selected proposals, we find the proposal by our PCA faculty, architect Francisco Spratley, who aims to create an installation called “Rays of light” in Plaza Mayor d’Olot. The intention is to reflect on the ephemeral nature of rays of light and how they can transform our perception of the surrounding space.

To achieve this, they simulate the creation of a beam of light, which in the real world is something ethereal and ephemeral but is being brought into our reality.

So how is this done ?

The idea is to construct a rectangular piece placed in the center of the square, which will be directly connected to the four existing electrical posts through white wires. The use of the square’s multifunctional posts solves the two main needs of this installation:

On one hand, it allows for the specific attachment of the wire suspension. On the other hand, it enhances the potential of the intended environment.

Each column, with a tubular structure of just over nine meters, ensures the necessary rigidity to support the network of wires that will be woven from the proposed central structure. During the day, the structure will have a discreet presence of light in an urban environment, accentuated by the facades. At night, with the installed spotlights, this light will be highlighted and amplified, creating a sense of greater lightness in the installation.

The event will take place next weekend in Olot, a city in the Catalonia region of Spain.

Lluernia 2023- Raigs de Llum(dia)©fspratleystudio

Lluernia 2023- Raigs de Llum(dia)©fspratleystudio