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PCA Students Reflect on the Past Year


As we’re reaching the end of this quite unprecedented academic year, PCA students are reflecting back on what happened, what they have learnt and what they are grateful for.

As the school year draws to a close and students around the world start to see the light at the end of the semester, it’s a perfect opportunity to reflect on the school year we’re leaving behind. Whether this was your second, last, or first year of being a PCA student, it’s important to stop and appreciate what you’ve accomplished this year.

It’s no small feat juggling school, homework, and a global pandemic, and you’ve most likely now done it twice! Surviving another semester, another school year, is always cause for celebration, especially in today’s world. So before we kick off our shoes and soak in the summer sun, we’ve asked some PCA students to share their thoughts on the 2020-2021 school year.

Myown – 2nd Year Fine Arts
Nora – 2nd Year Communication Design
Ariel – 2nd Year Communication Design
Amy – Certificate Degree

What’s one thing you learned about yourself as an artist this school year?

This year I’ve learnt that the materials I use throughout my artwork are important. It adds another level of expression. – Myown

That online learning does not agree with me. – Nora

That hard work can’t be saved till the last minute if you expect good results. This was a tough lesson during last semester’s finals but one I was able to put into practice this semester, and get considerably more sleep. The busier you are, the more organized you have to be. – Ariel

As an artist, I’ve learned that it’s okay to have bad design ideas before you have good design ideas. It’s okay to play, to experiment, to test out ideas, and then throw it all away and start again. I learned it’s okay if your first or second or even thousandth idea isn’t good just as long as you keep going and figure out what you want to try next. – Amy

What’s your best memory from this school year?

My best memory from this year would probably be our first studio class with Eva during first semester. She started pouring paint and water all over the papers on the floor and didn’t care about making a mess. That moment opened my mind to just let go and focus on the process rather than the outcome. – Myown

Arriving to my 5 am class to be greeted by Juliette Robbins’ infectious energy. – Nora

The day before the first day of school back in first semester. A friend and I strolled through the Marais, got pizza, sat by Notre Dame, and had what I imagine to be a perfect parisian summer evening. – Ariel

My best memory would probably be meeting all the incredible people and professors at PCA. I met so many new people who inspired me, pushed me, encouraged me, supported me, and helped me improve not just as an artist but as a person and professional. I will be forever grateful for this year. – Amy

What’s one thing/accomplishment you feel most proud of this school year?

I feel most proud of my first semester’s final. It’s a piece that I will forever be proud of. I try to push myself to keep making art that I’m proud of. – Myown

Making it through alive. It’s the small things. – Nora

Honestly, finishing up 2nd semester finals feels pretty great. Nothing like a well earned summer break. – Ariel

I am proud of all that I have been able to learn and accomplish in just 8 months. This would not have been possible without all the professors and friends that guided and supported me until the end. After this year at PCA, I completed my goal of creating a graphic design portfolio ready to submit for jobs. I didn’t know if it was doable in such a short amount of time. – Amy

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