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Back to Foundation: Professional Development for Art Educators

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Short intensive workshops for art teachers offered in Paris and Florence


What you’ll learn: Undertake key activities taken from PCA’s interdisciplinary Foundation Year curriculum in order to better understand what your students will be expected to do during their first year of university; draw upon the rich cultural landscape of Paris and dedicate time to your own artistic practices; seek inspiration from your peers in arts education from all over the world; acquire an arsenal of new activities and lesson ideas to bring back to your classroom; insider knowledge to guide students through the portfolio development and college application process

Course highlight: ‘Walking / Thinking / Making ‘ – After a free-form walk in the city, participants will create an experimental book from the images and words collected: a visual diary of the day.

Prerequisites: Current secondary school art/design teacher (If you are not currently a secondary school art teacher but are interested in the course, please email [email protected].)

Level: Continuing Education

When:  Paris Session  (July 1 – July 5, 2024), Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm

Tuition Fees:
Early Bird Rate: 600€ (before Jan.15 EXTENDED through Feb.15)
Standard Rate: 700€ (after Jan.15 Feb.15)

Please note: This short workshop is an intensive professional development course and is meant for secondary school teachers. In order to make the course as accessible as possible to educators, the tuition fees will cover only the cost of running the course. Talk to your school administration or local education department to find out about receiving funding for professional development.

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Chloé Briggs
Chair of Online Foundation

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