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Take Part of the BIM and Computational Design Evening Debate

Soirée débat - BIM et COMPUTATIONAL DESIGN Vol.2

The evolution of digital technologies has a strong impact on creativity. Wether it’s plastic or technical, design not only adapts but evolves with each innovation. How are these evolutions perceived by the various design jobs? What tools are put in place to allow iterations between conceptual and technical evolutions?

The issue of education is also central. The École des Ponts Paris Tech wishes to position itself in this current matter by creating two specialized BIM and DESIGN by DATA Masters to respond to new vocational training needs, in particular by means of adapted and innovative pedagogical formats.

It is in this context that BIM and DESIGN by DATA are hosting the 2nd edition of the BIM and Computational Event, where they are bringing together professionals with different approaches to the issue in order to provoke a broader and more comprehensive debate. Architects, engineers, professors and software developers will share their views on technologies being applied to architecture and construction occupations.

The event is available for free, all you need to do is RSVP here!


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