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"The ReCollector" Exhibition at Mi* Gallery

Soliman Lopez

The ReCollector is a generative and interactive project taking place in real time, created by the artist Solimán López, who explores digital conceptualism.

The ReCollector project is a meeting between the image and its digitalization process, which is then treated by the artist using a software tool to present it as a new experiment turned into a digital file. “ReCollector” describes this brand new experiment in which we collect – and “re-collect” – data to obtain a new virtual dimension.

This project will be exhibited at the Mi* Gallery in Paris, a gallery specialized in digital art that exhibits international and French contemporary artists.

ReCollector will be composed of the following works: Bioma, File Genesis Repo, FramedMemoryCard V01 and CELESTE.
The exhibition will be curated by Carlos Sánchez-Bautista.

Developed in the ESAT LAB in collaboration with:
Technical assistance: Toni Vaca.
Connectivity: Javier Sánchez.
Web programming: José Luís Jiménez.