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Faculty Solimán López New Exhibition


SCAN (Spanish Contemporary Art Network) is pleased to announce the opening of CELESTE, a project by Solimán López. CELESTE continues its investigation on the relationship between the digital and the analogue, furthering the idea of digital art as an archive.

Nature has been a departure point and subject for artistic creation, from the Altamira cave paintings to Romanticism to Land Art. In the digital era, new perspectives and formalizations are necessary to explore the subject.

CELESTE questions the use of high technology for the purpose of constructing an alternative digital image of the sky, a synthesis of real-time processed data (light, location, temperature). The result is an image that, while recalling the original content, becomes a digital proxy of its subject. Image becomes information and human perception of reality is replaced by computational RGB code.

Behind CELESTE lies the implicit question of the appropriateness of analogue methods to capture an ever more complex reality and how human technology shapes our needs.

The exhibition will run from July 5 to July 29 2017 in London.

Text written by PCA Faculty and art curator, Filippo Lorenzin.