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Thinking about study abroad?


Thinking about taking the opportunity to study abroad at one of PCA’s partner universities, but not sure if it’s right for you?  In this article, Fine Arts Junior Myra Crane explains how she made the decision.  

Hello, my name is Myra. I am a Fine Arts student at Paris College of Art and I decided to go on an exchange to RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. I have always been someone who loves to travel. From a young age, my family introduced me to the world of travel and my dream ever since has been to see the world. I have been lucky in my life to have seen many places, so when I found out that I would have the chance to go on an exchange, I was very excited. I was excited about all the different options of where I could go, as well as the list of all the different universities in those places.

I struggled with making the decision, because I wanted to go everywhere, but I decided to choose which country I wanted to go to first, then the school. To most, choosing the location first may seem a bit odd, but for me, the experience and culture of where I was going, was just as important and educational as the school. I brought it down to Australia and Argentina (which did take some time). I wanted to travel someplace very far away, and take advantage of the opportunities that would come with long distance travel. For example, I decided to split up my 38h travel time by stopping in Singapore for three days and go sightseeing. The school in Argentina did not have a Fine Arts department, so I decided to go to the land down under. :)

I learned that PCA had a partnership with RMIT University, so I decided to do research about the university. I found that RMIT is a large university that has many different courses to offer. It was by far the biggest school entertainment that I would ever experience, which excited me. I looked into the classes that I could take, and I was basically allowed to take whatever interested me, as long as it was credits that I could transfer over to my home university and towards my degree. This was exciting for me because I have so many different interests.

Throughout a series of articles, I hope you to share with you my experiences and stories of being abroad. And to anyone who is reading this to see what it is like to study abroad, I hope this helps you make the best decision for you.

If you would like more information on where you could go for one or two semesters in your Junior year please email [email protected].

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