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With New Global Joint Degree, PCA Sees No Borders


Paris College of Art is proud to announce its first-of-its-kind partnership with Emerson College, allowing students to earn a Global BFA in Film Art in three years at campuses in Paris, Boston, and the Netherlands.

The Film Art Global BFA program leverages the strengths of each institution: Emerson’s top-ranked film program and PCA’s expertise in fine art and artistic processes.

We’re really excited about the new joint BFA program with PCA, which will be distinct from any other program in the world. Combining an innovative, interdisciplinary approach with intercontinental experiences, the Film Art BFA is designed for students who want to explore the possibilities between film and fine art: installation, experimentation, manipulation, creation, and exhibition. – Brooke Knight, chair of Emerson’s Visual and Media Arts Department.

Students will create experimental film, gallery installations, and public media art, as well as study film and art history, liberal arts, and French language and culture. They will work toward a signature exhibition, film, or project.

Classes during the academic year will be held at PCA’s campus in the 10th arrondissement; summer classes will alternate between Boston and Kasteel Well, Emerson’s 14th-century castle in the Netherlands. All classes will be conducted in English by faculty from both PCA and Emerson. French language classes will also be part of the program.

Admission to the Global BFA in Film Art program will be managed by Emerson College’s Admissions Department in coordination with PCA, and will be the same as other programs in Emerson’s Visual and Media Arts Department with one exception: Applicants to the new joint degree will need to submit an essay explaining why they want to study in an intercontinental program. Successful applicants will be eligible for financial aid.

Applications open in August 2018, with the first class starting in Summer 2019 in Boston.

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PCA’s joint degree with Emerson College is an opportunity for students from around the world to practice film art in an international context, drawing upon a multitude of national and cultural perspectives on moving image. It is also a logical development, furthering PCA’s mission to offer educational programs drawing on the rich French traditions of art making in general and film in particular. – PCA Dean Linda Jarvin 

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