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New Student Exchange Partnership between Kyoto Seika University & PCA

Kyoto Seika University, Japan

PCA is pleased to announce the start of a new student exchange partnership between Kyoto Seika University and Paris College of Art, furthering exchange and study abroad opportunities for both PCA and Seika students alike.

A country that produces 60% of the world’s animation based entertainment and whose manga illustration and Nihonga (Japanese painting) have shaped global perceptions of art is a country that should be on an aspiring artist’s radar.

Boasting alumni such as Chiharu Shiota, whose work represented Japan at the 56th Venice Biennale, Seika University has proven that it offers a holistic and specialized training in Japanese art.

Paris College of Art students will need a minimum level of Japanese language proficiency in order to take part in the exchange program.

At Paris College of Art we are passionate about creating platforms via which young artists can exchange cultures, ideas and influences with their peers across the globe. The international mobility available in today’s society has given aspiring artists insights and opportunities that were not readily available to their predecessors. We want to make the most of this phenomenon by establishing relationships with universities around the world to give Paris College of Art students the freedom to expand their boundaries and redefine their artistic identity.

Have you always dreamt of going to Japan? Do you speak basic Japanese? This could be the program for you!

If you wish to take part in a study abroad or exchange program you can find a list of our partnered universities here.

Published: September 16th, 2016 3:30PM