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Transformation Brainstorm: What does the Photographer of Tomorrow Need?

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During Paris Photo 2017, Transformations is teaming up with Paris College of Art, YET Magazine and Urbanautica Institute for a brainstorm on the aims, needs and wishes of future photographers. Who is the photographer of tomorrow? What are the needs of the photographer? Do current learning opportunities meet the needs of the photographer? Ideas and findings from the brainstorm session will be shared with the participating schools and through YET Magazine.

The goal of the brainstorm is to gather a group of photography students from various backgrounds, countries and schools for a brainstorm session on the needs of the future photographer. Together with the students we want to look at their ambitions and wishes for their future careers, and contemplate what tools they need to get there, including their educational needs. The brainstorm will help the students reflect on their career paths and the schools to see whether they are meeting the needs of the students.


Transformations is aiming to explore changes in photography in today’s digitally connected world. It stimulates critical reflection and debate on the state of photography and defining the need of tomorrow’s photographers. Transformations was created by Viewbook in 2016.

Yet Magazine is a triannual photography publication which showcases editorials and photographic series from artists worldwide. Our aim is to feature several different styles of photography, without any restriction in genre, medium, or theme. We showcase both emerging and well-known international photographers – our work is basically characterized by the quality of the submitted project, from its concept to the shoot, up to the final editing.

Urbanautica Institute With ten years experience we are an international publisher and research institute working within the field of visual anthropology and cultural landscapes. We create partnerships & networks by promoting what we are excited about in order to make an impact that is real. We are famous for our Journal which has enhanced worldwide a critical thinking about photography. ​Our team collaborates around the world since 2010 with museums and cultural institutions on exhibitions and educational activities. In 2017 we launched Urbanautica Books.