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Jennifer Minniti
Photo credit: Marie Breton

PCA is thrilled to announce its new Exchange Program in collaboration with PRATT Institute, New York. To commemorate the partnership, Jennifer Minniti, chair of Fashion at PRATT, paid PCA a visit to speak to students about life at the institute and what  they have to look forward to should they be accepted onto the scheme.

Jennifer took prospective students on a journey through a typical semester at PRATT. She boasted its “real campus culture” and unexpected “oasis-like” feel at the heart of the hustle and bustle of the city of Manhattan.

As the slideshow showcasing it’s facilities and projects reeled in the background, Minniti described life at the institution:

“It is home to around 275 undergraduate students and attracts attention from some of the top designers in the fashion industry. Our annual fashion show has been the subject of articles in papers such as the Huffington Post and the New York times! Study Abroad students are encouraged to throw themselves into life at PRATT. We don’t exclude them from opportunities to exhibit their work.”

She concluded with a short Q&A and bade PCA farewell and à bientôt!

PCA partners with over 25 higher education institutions across the globe. As an ambassador for international education, we want to give students as many opportunities as possible to study abroad.

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You can also e-mail Nishma Menon, International Program Manager at PCA, for more information: [email protected]