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Why PCA Student Council Matters

The PCA student council is an integral part of the PCA community ensuring that student voices are heard. This academic year, members included: joint presidents Gabriele Iacono (Class of ’16) and Jonathan Quaade (Class of ’18), members Nada Debeaumont (Class of ’19), Viktoria Tamas (Class of ’19), Naransosor Otgondemberel (Class of ’19), Andrew Voxakis (MFA student) & Lauren Sheppard (Class of ’18).

Not only have they hosted pizza nights for students to stop by and talk openly about issues, they nuture a communal atmosphere creating relationships between full time, study abroad, masters, and certificate students and the administrative staff and faculty.

Some of their notable successes have been: providing new furniture for the student lounge and courtyard, improving the vending machines, hosting multiple soirées with the Student Life Office, collaborating with the gallery manager to host student council curated exhibitions, relaying important campus news to the student body, and promoting their peers’ exhibitions on and off campus through different social media platforms.