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YIA – Young International Artists 2019

Digital Print of Time by Joanna Wlaszyn

Discover Joanna Wlaszyn’s series High Definition Blur at the Young International Artists 2019 that explores the antinomy of the dream related to visual representation.

While waiting for future explorations in virtual reality, this overview of her work highlights the dystopian imagination in search of the visual form reflecting the unreal. The variation of supports and sizes is wanted in order to make each work unique in its post-digital production. The confrontation of the blur with sustained colours illustrates a delayed and fragmented perception of memories hidden in a random composition. This double visibility reflects the relativity of perception and the time of contemplation.

Other presented work Digital Print of Time is a series that proposes to rethink the notion of time. Using the diversion of the open source software that tracks the mouse movements and converts them into a single image showing all the paths made during a certain period of — this series redefines the representation of time. This image does not represent the real time but its conversion into movements. Such a digital amplification of time relativity is not creating a new dimension of the measure, but rather a different representation of duration.

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