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Zineb Sedira - French Pavillon - Venice Biennale

Dreams Have No Titles
Film Shoot Stills

The French Pavilion presents Zineb Sedira’s multidisciplinary exhibition, an immersive installation consisting of film, sculpture, photography, sound and collage.

In line with her practice to date, Sedira uses autobiographical narrative, fiction and documentary to shed light on past and present international solidarities related to historical liberation struggles. Her contribution serves as a cautionary tale about the failure of an emancipatory promise which, for many people, remains an unfulfilled, not to say an impossible dream.

In Dreams Have No Titles, the artist addresses a major turning point in the history of cultural, intellectual and avant-garde production of the 1960s, 1970s and beyond, in France, Italy and Algeria especially. She focuses on a repertoire of remarkable cinematographic coproductions and filmmaking, in particular activist ones, which had an impact on postcolonial movements.

The exhibition of Zineb Sedira will be on view from April 23 until November 27, 2022.