fbpx 31st International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères April 21 – 25, 2016 — PCA

31st International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères April 21 - 25, 2016


Every Spring in the South of France, the Festival spotlights young promising artists in the fields of fashion and photography. The festival proposes diverse exhibitions, professional panel discussions and two competitions. The competitions showcase 10 fashion designers and 10 photographers selected by a jury of professionals in each field. The work of the chosen candidates is presented to the jury and the public in through fashion shows (designers) and group exhibitions (photographers).

On the last days of the month of April, as every spring since 1998, the villa Noailles will once again become the epicenter for emerging photography. There, in the photography section of the Festival de Hyères, ten artist-photographers will exhibit their personal conjugation of the verb to see. Hyères defends and praises photographic works that strive for sense, singularity, innovation and uncompromising artistic standards. Attentively sorted and short-listed, an imposing lot of nearly 800 worldwide submissions is put under the scrutiny and appraisal of an international jury of professionals that gathers, late January, in Paris.

The jury’s choice of the ten photographers to showcase sets in motion an exacting curatorial and production process that will culminate shortly in the unveiling to the public, on the walls of the villa Noailles, of an exciting group exhibition: ten new artistic visions that will help shape the photography of tomorrow.

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