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A Quick Run Down of the Class of '18 Graduate Students' Thesis Presentations!


Here’s your short guide to our graduate students’ final thesis presentations!

MA in Fashion Film and Photography

Friday, April 27
Opening at PCA – 6pm

Umar Nadeem (Advisor: Lily Templeton)
Scott Kelly (Advisor: Jason Briggs)

MA/MFA in Transdisciplinary New Media

Thursday, May 3
Opening at Mi* Gallery – 6-8.30pm

Unusual, inspiring and unsettling, the works presented by the MA and MFA in Transdisciplinary New Media graduates question the understanding of concept of New Media in relation to how it can be applied to art practice. Alistair Casillas investigates the act of collecting as a performance of self-presentation; Mary Finn-Saisselin examines what it means to be present in a Virtual Reality environment looking at the history of portraiture; Mirna Mihoković explores the thin line between simulated order and generated chaos looking at how nature and technology shape each other; Leor Wellington looks at daily human behaviour to make a choreography of indifference.

Transdisciplinary New Media course has provided a platform for students across a wide range of fields and practices, re-framing their understanding of different tools, technologies, theories and methods. The result of such research is the development of hybrid systems and solutions that go beyond any one discipline.

Leor Wellington (Advisor: Marie Rousseau)
Alistair Schreiber (Advisor: Maurizio Serena)
Mary Saisselin (Advisor: Dionysios Zamplaras)
Mirna Mihokovic (Advisor: Elisabeth de Senneville)

Curated by Filippo Lorenzin

MA in Photography and Image-making

Wednesday, May 9
Opening at Mi* Gallery – 6pm

Lizeth Villalobos (Advisor: Christophe Beauregard)
Cameron Tidball-Sciullo (Advisor: Tatiana Grigorenko)
Alok Rajoo (Advisor: Ryan Boatright)
Heidi Midjord (Advisor: Julien Faure-Conorton)
Jaime Martinez (Advisor: Steve Bisson)
Costanza Marin (Advisor: Steve Bisson)
Paulina García (Advisor: Steve Bisson)

MA in Design for Social Impact

Hanna Rasper (Advisor: Benoit Renaudin) 
Ricardo Campanhã Marciano do Amaral (Advisor: Janine Gölz)
Amy Dahmen (Advisor: Layla Levy)
Vaila Cameron (Advisor: Maud Ridoux)
Sara Marti (Advisor: Alessandro Carabini) 

MA in Interior Design

Monday, May 7
Ayushi Chaudhary (Advisor: Nikola Meyer)
Marta Gawronska (Advisor: Laurent Masmonteil)