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A Quick Run Down of the Class of '17 Graduate Students' Thesis Projects!


Here’s your short guide for each of our graduate students’ final thesis projects!

MA in Fashion Film and Photography

May 11th, 2017
Mi Gallery (23 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris)
Jury Members: David Balicki, Jason Briggs, Julie Sage, Linda Jarvin, Klaus Fruchtnis and Thesis Advisors.

#me – Fashioning the Self through Instagram
Student: Tove Wall Dyrting

Image and Identity: Issues of the female boy and the gaze
Student: Alma Rosaz

Envisioning Higher Dimensions in Photography
Student: Dhruvin Shah

Escaping from Reality with Tim Walker
Student: Lili Mirab

Where Clothes Meet Cause: The Uniform Of The Black Panther Party And The Role Of Clothing In Political And Social Movements Today
Student: Chase McCurdy

MA/MFA in Transdisciplinary New Media

May 15th, 2017
Paris College of Art (15 Rue Fénelon, 75010 Paris)
Jury Members: Fabienne Bideaud, Alexis Niki, Filipa Cruz, Eric, Vernhes, Linda Jarvin, Klaus Fruchtnis, and Thesis Advisor.

Time of Death, Death of Time
Student: Andrew Voxakis (MFA)

The Social and Emotional Experience of the Urban Built Environment
Student: Basma Seif (MFA)

Psycological Angles in Kazimir Malevich’s Suprematism
Student: Claire Leggett (MFA)

Reconstructing data-inspired art through relational aesthetics
Student: Emily Tse (MA)

Designing for the Prosumer
Student: Leah Oros (MA)

Contemporary Parisian Society: A Collage
Student: Kalina Lukanova (MA)

MA in Fashion Design: Haute Couture/Haute Technology

May 16th, 2017
Paris College of Art (15 Rue Fénelon, 75010 Paris) Jury Members: Catherine Gorgé, Patrick Cabasset, Donald Potard, Julie Sage, Linda Jarvin and Klaus Fruchtnis.

Trolls in Technology: The Perception of Icelandic Trolls in the context of Technological Outerwear Garments
Student: Drífa Thoroddsen

Envisioning the future of Fashion with 3-D Printing
Student: Sho Konishi

Stan Smith’s Global Takeover: Trends, Retro-Trends and Nostalgia
Student: Alyx-Marie Kleinsteiber