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About *Design* 2021 Catch-up


If you missed the 3rd edition of About *Design* on April 1st and 2nd, 2021, you can now read the summary of the 3 talks on Fashion *Design*, Spatial *Design* and *Design* Practice, as well as an overview of the Digital Fabrication Workshop.

About *Design* is an event that is held each year, and which consists of a series of talks and workshops with experts of the broad field that is Design. This event is the result of a collaboration between the Communication Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design and Design for Social Impact departments and is perfect opportunity to discover and discuss what *Design* could be.

To conclude the event, the Digital Fabrication_A Design Process exhibition will be on display until April 15th, 2021, in the gallery. The exhibition features test prints from the About *Design* workshop, studio work in progress and finished pieces.