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Abroad in Baltimore #14


No Time to Sleep

As we approach the home stretch of Fall semester and can start to imagine life without deadlines, only one obstacle remains in our path: Finals. Now art school finals are not like most university finals. We don’t usually have formal exams to sit, but rather are busy completing projects that will shape our artistic careers. So, no pressure.

Luckily, all my studio classes this semester were very evenly paced so our final projects are really just finishing up the project we’re currently working on. I only have one exam to study for, but my lovely Art History professor made it a take-home exam so we’re spared that stress.

Really the only thing left for me to do is keep doing my homework and attending class. It’s not quite that easy, but at least it’s pretty straightforward. The only thing I’m worried about is holding everything together till the end. Other than that, it’s looking like a fairly soft landing into winter break but I don’t want to jinx it.

Despite the flurry of school and homework, the girls and I have still managed to slip out for some fun! We went to see the latest James Bond movie, No Time to Die, which turned out to be 3 hours long! We entered at 9pm and left at 12am. Since we ended up getting there a bit before the movie started, we stopped by a local department store called Marshalls and did a spot of holiday shopping which was a real treat.

We also made plans for a secret Santa exchange! Which is the best way to do presents in a friend group I believe as it’s student budget friendly and everyone gets a little something. I’d tell you who I got, but they know I write this blog so I can’t be too careful.

In other news, my courses for next semester aren’t quite settled yet, I’m still hoping to squeeze into a few more courses if I can. It was a pretty harrowing experience that took at least a year off my life. I talked to other MICA students and they said things were particularly bloodthirsty this semester. Now that the dust has settled for the most part, I did manage to get into some really amazing courses for next semester! It’s almost enough to make me wish for the second semester to come faster. Almost.

It doesn’t quite feel like the end of the semester yet, I know I’ll be sad when the time comes to say goodbye to classes and peers I’ve enjoyed getting to know for 15 weeks, but the closer we get towards the end the more at peace I am with saying goodbye.

The one thing that’s still keeping me moving forward is pretty obvious: Winter break. Like a beacon in the night it calls to me, promising Christmas and a hot cup of chocolate if I can only get through this last week of classes.

Wishing you a merry finals week!

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