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Abroad in Baltimore #15

week 15

End of Fall Semester!

We did it! We survived Fall semester 2021! Do you feel accomplished? Because I do! It’s been an amazing first semester, I can’t believe it’s been 15 weeks, the time has flown by and now we’ll look ahead to 2022.

I’ve grown so much as a student and artist this semester, but I’m glad that we still have one more. This semester my focus was on establishing some base level skills, getting a good idea of where I’m at. Next semester, I’ve chosen classes that will push me even more out of my comfort zone as I venture into the illustration realm I’ve longed to explore.

Through the six hour studios and late night homework, I feel thoroughly educated and excited to see what the next semester, and for that matter year, brings. This semester has been a big push forward for me and I think spring will be another opportunity for growth, though I’m thankful to have a nice long break first.

The holiday season is probably my favorite time of year, and not just because of presents. Already hometown friends are coming to visit and there’s an extra cheer in the air. I used to think that when we’re older, the holidays aren’t as magical, but like most parts of growing up, it’s not better or worse, it’s just different. But no matter what age you are or how you celebrate, I hope you’re able to share this time with the people you love most.

The girls and I had a lovely breakfast and a gift exchange! Anna and Silva are only here for one semester at MICA so they’ll be leaving this week, but Emma is staying for the rest of the school year so we’ll still have each other. They’ve been the best group of friends I could ask for. I’m so grateful we were all able to spend so much time together between school and work, I’m sincerely going to miss them.

Now I know we’re all desperately excited for winter break, but between all the holiday-ing and family visiting, remember to set aside some time to catch up with yourself. Often we get so distracted and busy during the school year, we need a day or two to just breathe and take stock.

It’s important to not overwhelm yourself by plunging into the holiday craziness, winter break should be just that, a break. Writing this blog has been a great self reflection exercise every week and I’m really happy to be able to chronicle my adventures. That said, I’ll bid you adieu until next semester.

Happy holidays!

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