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Abroad in Baltimore #17


Here We Go Again

It came and it went. The first week of classes here at MICA started with a bang! Despite being online this week, my professors had no problem assigning a more than generous amount of homework. I can tell the illustration studio classes I fought my way into this semester will definitely be fighting back. Both professors joked about their classes being particularly intense, so you just know it’s going to be an interesting semester.

Right before class started on the first day, I gave myself a full two minutes to mourn the loss of my freedom and sleep before clicking the zoom link. But after that internal readjustment, I found myself really enjoying being back in the swing of things. We’d never say it aloud, but I do believe that when you’ve been a student for as long as we have, life doesn’t seem real unless you’re in school.

As I dipped my toe into each class, I was very happy to find that I enjoy them all and most importantly, think they will be the extra push I’ve been looking for. Since the first week of classes began this Tuesday, I won’t experience my Monday art history class until the second week. This is the one I’m least familiar with, it’s called Modern Architecture and Urbanization and my closest link to modern architecture is having an Architectural Digest subscription. Hopefully I won’t be the only non-architecture major in the room.

I can’t pretend I’m not nervous for this semester. If this first week has shown me anything, it’s that I’m going to need to be on top of things from the get-go, not a lot of room for messing around. Although I have one less class this semester, the intensity has definitely gone up and I can tell it’s going to be a constant effort to stay ahead of deadlines.

The one bright spot is my schedule itself as it allows for a lot more breathing room than last semester. I have Fridays off and only one double studio day so I should have plenty of time to dedicate to my homework. Finally, as a reward for surviving the first week of classes, I returned to that amazing Indian restaurant with a few friends and enjoyed the heck out of the first Friday back.

Next week will be the start of in-person classes, so the gloves will come off and things will start to get serious. I can only hope that last semester’s juggling act has sufficiently prepared me for this semester’s marathon.

Good luck out there!

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