Adjunct Faculty Presents: Anthologie du Pain Quotidien


BFA Fine Arts and Masters in Design for Social Impact faculty Lisa Salamandra will be showing her series “Daily Bread” at the Galerie de la Tour Morillon in Saint-Amand-Montrond.

Lisa Salamandra’s “Daily Bread” is a large series of works on paper created exclusively on the papers which once wrapped her daily bread purchased in the artisan bakeries of her village in central France.

Since 2001, she has taken these wrappings and used them surfaces for her works. Through various water-based mediums and collage, she transforms them into works of art. The ‘mother series’ “Daily Bread” has given birth to several sub-series, “Daily Bread: Love Notes”, “Daily Bread: Raw Meat”, and its most recent evolution, the “CUT-OUTS”.

Today “Daily Bread” and its offsprings constitute 300 drawings and collages; over 100 works are currently in progress in the studio. For the first time, the exhibition “Anthologie du pain quotidien” (Anthology of daily bread) at the Galerie de la Tour Morillon showcases selected pieces from this series, representative of its different pictorial evolutions, from its very beginnings in 2001 up until the most recent works created in 2020.

Anthologie du pain quotidien