fbpx Ali Gorbani Moggadhan’s photo selected by PhotoVogue for the “Your 501 Story” Open Call — PCA

Ali Gorbani Moggadhan's photo selected by PhotoVogue for the "Your 501 Story" Open Call

© Ali Ghorbani Moggadhan
© Ali Ghorbani Moggadhan

Ali Ghorbani Mogghadan, Fashion Film & Photography graduate, Class of ’23, answered PhotoVogue‘s global open call to create a visual narrative around what the Levi 501® jean means to him, “Your 501 story”.

6000 submissions, 82 countries represented, 150 photos chosen, among which, a photo of Ali’s series La Patisserie.

La Patisserie
4am in Paris – the patissière puts on her favorite pair of jeans and unlocks the glass doors to her bakery. The warm, sweet, doughy scent of freshly backed pain au chocolat wafts through the shop and out to the streets. It’s 8am now, and as the sun rises, her best friends gather in the boulngerie, eager to secure their breakfast pastry. A busy day lies ahead of her in the already bustling shop. As everyday she camed prepared with an order of fresh cream, 500 eggs, and the comfort of her caramel Levi 501’s.

The series was displayed at Negatif +, one of Paris professional photographers’ favorite film and digital photo lab.

To see the complete series, visit Ali Ghorbani Moggadhan’s website

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