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Anne Nwakalor on the Ethics of Photojournalism

Anne Nwakalor - Guest Lecture, 6 April 2023
Portrait of Anne Nwakalor. Photo by: KC Nwakalor

The Liberal Studies department at PCA is thrilled to welcome Anne Nwakalor for a guest lecture on photojournalism and ethics.

Anne Nwakalor is the Founding Editor of No! Wahala Magazine, one of Africa’s first-ever contemporary photography magazine dedicated to showcasing authentic visual stories told by African creatives. She is also a Photo Editor and presently works as a Communication Officer within the art space in the UK.

Known for its pioneers such as Robert Capa, Tim Page or Roger Fenton, photojournalism has never stopped developing and remains one of the most ubiquitous forms of photography today – launching many careers around the world. Anne Nwakalor will reflect on her experiences of building one of Africa’s first contemporary photography magazines, its purposes and needs, as well as the global development of Photojournalism and the importance of ethical storytelling.

Thursday, April 6 | 14h00 – 16h00

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