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Announcing Winners of 'Culture of Youth' Project: A PCA, Central Saint Martins, Eurostar Collaboration

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Following a selection process by judges from Central Saint Martins and Paris College of Art, the following works have been selected as this year’s winners of the ‘Culture of Youth’ project:

In London: Ika Schwanderfor her work inviting, archiving and exposing anonymous messages for young people today.

In Paris: Elena Gamperfor her immersive digital environment exploring the contemporary pressures faced by young women. View Elena’s work online.

In recognition of the exceptional talent involved in this year’s competition the judges selected four highly commended entries:

Vivian White, Central Saint Martins
Melanie Sun, Central Saint Martins
Mariam Elgindy, Paris College of Art
Juliette Fratto, Paris College of Art

The judges said:

It was interesting to see this year that in response to the theme Cultures of Youth so many students from both CSM and PCA chose to explore teenage anxiety, mental health or related topics. I think this is a real insight into how many young people currently feel all over the world, and has led to some students to produce very personal and sensitive bodies of work. 

– Chris Roberts, Programme Director, Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, Central Saint Martins

Each year working on this project I learn new things, not least I learn more about my students – their ambitions, and the potential for their creative work. The opportunity for our students to exchange with peers in another city and institution is invaluable; they gain some insight into the richness of collaboration and are invited to think beyond the course and the school walls. 

– Chloe Briggs, Head of Foundation, Paris College of Art

Year on year I am impressed by the standard of work produced for this project and 2018 was no expectation. Many students chose to create work around the serious issues young people face today; debt, anxiety, binge drinking and isolation were just some of the topics broached. The resulting work is engaging and thought-provoking.

Nichol Keene, External Liaison Coordinator, Foundation Programme, Central Saint Martins

This is my first year jurying this project and I am very impressed by the overall quality of the work and the how deeply the students engaged with the topic. I am also particularly struck by how each artists’ personality and approach to artmaking was so individual – they really attacked the assignment from their own perspective – conceptually and formally. 

– Sara Krauskopf, Executive Director of Admissions & CommunicationsParis College of Art

A selection of the work submitted will be exhibited in both cities. The first exhibition will be at Central Saint Martins, from February 27 until April 5 2018. The exhibition at Paris College of Art will be from the April 2 until April 13.