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Having Waved Goodbye to our 2016 Study Abroad Students...

Study Abroad Gallery Show
Photos taken by Dhruvin Shah

Last semester we saw study abroad students from all four corners of the globe come and study at PCA. As the fall semester bows out and we welcome spring, here’s what the fall 2016 study abroad cohort had to say about studying at Paris College of Art.

The creativity at PCA was tangible

Paris is a great city. There are a lot of opportunities. I felt like I could take those opportunities and run with them. My advice? Always search for inspiration and take opportunities when they are handed to you

The industry contacts I’ve been able to meet and speak to have been very inspiring

One of my higlights? Meeting fellow global students and having access to all the galleries and art in Paris as well as the Kandinsky library at the Pompidou centre. Some of the resources at PCA are fantastic and the freedom with which we get to use them is really valuable

The gallery show was an AMAZING experience. Probably one of the best from my time at PCA I think

I was forced to really develop my ideas because my professors would constrcutively challenge my concepts

The teachers were really eager to help students and encouraged me to work on projects that were not only academically interesting, but that motivated me artistically

Being in a small school has made it really easy to meet people

It was my first time exhibiting in a gallery. To have this experience take place in Paris was really amazing

One of my highlights? Interning for Rick Owens! I had really great professional experiences at PCA

To find out more about studying abroad at Paris College of Art please visit the study abroad section of our website or contact Nishma Menon on [email protected]