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Associate Dean meets with Vice President of the Commission on Sustainable Development and Planning

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Associate Dean Klaus Fruchtnis meets with Laurence Maillart-Méhaignerie, Vice-President of the Commission on Sustainable Development and Planning of the French National Assembly to discuss a collaboration with PCA's Design for Social Impact graduate students.

In a world of rapid change, it is essential for an academic institution to follow the local and international decisions that concern and affect the development of the planet. PCA’s mission is to give our students access to international professionals, experts and decision-makers that can share and explain this transformation to them. Next fall, our students in the MA in Design for Social Impact will meet Laurence Maillart-Méhaignerie, the Vice President of the French National Assembly’s Commission on Sustainable Development and Planning, to discuss sustainability and environmental issues.

The Committee on Sustainable Development and Regional Planning was created on July 1, 2009, by splitting the former Committee on Economic Affairs, Environment and Territory. In accordance with Article 36, paragraph 14, of the Standing Orders of the National Assembly, the Committee on Sustainable Development and Regional Planning oversees territorial planning, construction, transport, equipment, infrastructure, public works, environment and hunting.

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The French People,
Having considered that
Natural resources and equilibria have conditioned the emergence of mankind;
The future and very existence of mankind are inextricably linked with its natural environment;
The environment is the common heritage of all human beings;
Man exerts ever-increasing influence over the conditions for life and over his own evolution;
Biological diversity, the fulfilment of the individual and the progress of human societies are affected by certain types of consumption or production and by excessive exploitation of natural resources;
The safeguarding of the environment is a goal to be pursued in the same way as the other fundamental interests of the Nation;
In order to ensure sustainable development, choices designed to meet the needs of the present generation should not jeopardise the ability of future generations and other peoples to meet their own needs,

Hereby proclaim:

Art 1 – Each person has the right to live in a balanced environment which shows due respect for health.
Art 2 – Each person has a duty to participate in preserving and enhancing the environment.
Art 3 – Each person shall, in the conditions provided for by law, foresee and avoid the occurrence of any damage which he or she may cause to the environment or, failing that, limit the consequences of such damage.
Art 4 – Each person shall be required, in the conditions provided for by law, to contribute to the making good of any damage he or she may have caused to the environment.
Art 5 – When the occurrence of any damage, albeit unpredictable in the current state of scientific knowledge, may seriously and irreversibly harm the environment, public authorities shall, with due respect for the principle of precaution and the areas within their jurisdiction, ensure the implementation of procedures for risk assessment and the adoption of temporary measures commensurate with the risk involved in order to dal with the occurrence of such damage.
Art 6 – Public policies shall promote sustainable development. To this end they shall reconcile the protection and enhancement of the environment with economic development and social progress.
Art 7 – Each person has the right, in the conditions and to the extent provided for by law, to have access to any information pertaining to the environment in the possession of public bodies and to participate in the public decision-making process likely to affect the environment.
Art 8 – Education and training with regard to the environment shall contribute to the exercising of the rights and duties set out in this Charter.
Art 9 – Research and innovation shall contribute to the preservation and development of the environment.
Art 10 – This Charter shall inspire France’s actions at both a European and an international level.