BFA Fine Arts Class of ’17 Alumna Larissa Fantini Introduces her First Solo Show at Círculo Galeria e Arte


BFA Fine Arts class of ’17 Alumna Larissa Fantini is introducing her first solo show, called “Super Bonder (sobre cadeira de fórmica)”, at the Círculo Galeria e Arte in Curitiba, Brazil. The event is curated by Marina Ramos.

In this show, Larissa Fantini is debuting her “Aubade” series, which are neon and metallic abstractions painted on plastic over stretchers.

About her work, Larissa Fantini describes it as a “neon-colored traipse through a year of abandonment and debut. It is the culmination of failures. It is the swallow of fear, like loose polyester fur. It’s not that much. It’s a series of painting on plastic, phones ringing, the impossibility of touch. It is a magic trick that I’m overly explaining so I will just be quiet.”

The exhibition opened on February 1, and will be running until March 31, 2021.

You can view her work on her website.

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