fbpx Blurring the lines, an exhibition curated by Steve Bisson & François Ronsiaux — PCA

Blurring the lines, An exhibition curated by Steve Bisson & François Ronsiaux


Is it actually possible to speak about only photography? Many artists/photographers could be considered as reality “traficants”, they use not only photography but the ensemble of technological possibilities to squeeze out their artistic concepts. – François Ronsiaux

This expansion of the photographic language is a fascinating subject. The question theoretically relates to the split of the border between photography and image. It also affects the ways in which we understand pictures, discuss them, and share their content. It generates alternative spaces in which we can easily access images and modes of interaction. In the past few years, there are projects that have shown us how to expand the definition of photography in order to encompass practices distant from tradition. All this is in line with the prevalence of digital technology, in other words, the emphasis has been placed on the “how” rather than on the “what”. The situation was well prophesied by many philosophers (like Nietzsche, Heidegger, Jasper to name a few) and many other French theorists of postmodernism (from Debord to Baudrillard). If everything turns to be a spectacle of images or a traffic of reality, then the question to be addressed focus on the concerns of the ethical implications of photography.

With the exhibition Blurring the lines, the richness of possibilities of the photographic vocabulary is enhanced to the point of social and environmental awareness.