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PCA Photography Faculty Karel Steiner exhibits in Czech Republic


PCA Photography Faculty Karel Steiner is returning to Pilsen, this time to Maashaus of the Pilsen City Hall, where he is showing his new works.

The exhibition will continue from April 4 to April 20, 2018 in Pilsen, Czech Republic. The exhibition is held under the auspices of the Mayor of Pilsen, Mr. Martin Zrzavecký. The curators of the exhibition are Helena Fenclová and Hana Rojtová.

Karel Steiner spent his youth in the Czech Republic and the next two-thirds of his life in New York and Paris. One year after the invasion of Soviet occupation troops, he emigrated to the United States and lived there for another fifteen years. Staying in the multicultural environment of New York helped him overcome the nostalgia for his family and country. He found friends there from all over the world. From 1972 to 1978, he studied political science and photography.

In 1984, he moved to Paris where he continues to live. In the last fifteen years, he has often returned to the Czech Republic. In Pilsen, Karel finds roots of his family and discovers places that he did not have time to visit during his youth. His photographic and artistic focus is mainly divided between two cities – Pilsen, where his father was born and Prague, which is his mother’s birthplace. His Pilsen reminiscences are particularly interesting because he visited and still visits places which are rapidly changing their appearances. He is noticing and recording today’s urban transitions in Pilsen.

In addition to Karel’s photographic series of portraits of Czechs in France, to which he has been devoting more than ten years, he captures fleeting moments hardly seen by the naked eye.