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Rencontres Photographiques: Image: réalités et apparence, an Exhibition by PCA Photography Students


Rencontres Photographiques offered carte blanche to the PCAphotography department to create an exhibition highlighting the work developed within the department. The resulting exhibition entitled Image: réalités et apparence, was curated by Photography department chair Klaus Fruchtnis and his students. Demonstrating a coherent photographic project, Image: réalités et apparence,elaborates the areas of research developed by our students and faculty.

Photographers: Ryan Boatright, Guillaume Pallat, Kseniya Piatrova, Adam Wilkinson, Robert Bishop, Karel Steiner, Nathalie Ghanem-Latour, Ana Bloom, Tataian Grigorenko, Michael Daks, Ella Strowel, Keegan Keene, Naomi Richmond, Jaidene Veda, Isabella Puiatti, Victoire Fontaine, Karma Spies, Ludovica Forcina Seveso, Margaret Fisher, Noah Boskey, Lola Reboud and Andrew Voxakis.

Our vision of photography goes beyond the technical approach of mastering an image: we consider photography as a creative process, questioning both form and function in the fabrication of an image. As image makers, our work questions the world and suggests a personal reality with universal codes. Image: réalité et apparences demonstrates an autonomous photography that evolves through space and offers a surface endowed with a sense of depth. Through a selection of images proposing various subjects and scenarios, we invite the spectator to remain active before the images and go beyond visual appearances. Klaus Fruchtnis, Photography Department Coordinator, Paris College of Art.

Image: réalités et apparence
Bibliothèque Château d’eau
72 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin | 75010 Paris
Opening reception Thursday, November 5 | 18:00
Opening Hours November 3 – 14, 13:00 | 20:00
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