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Call for Applications Artist Residency: Cooperative Méduse


Méduse is a cooperative dedicated to art, cultural and community based producers and distributors that opened its doors in 1995 in Quebec City. Today the 4,000 square-metre building houses ten (10) non-profit organizations that all take an active role at the forefront of contemporary arts; their missions are different, yet complementary. Through the action of its member organisations, Méduse also provides artists with access to production and dissemination spaces and high level equipment.

About the workshop residence:

Méduse‘s workshop-residence is an open accommodation and work space of 750 feet surface (about 70 m2) equipped with a double bed, a bathroom, toilets, storage units, a small kitchen, a workspace and an internet connection. It is specifically dedicated to international residencies and its access is strictly limited to the invited artist. It is located on the building’s 5th floor and offers an exceptional view of Québec’s Bass-ville (“lower town”) and the surrounding mountains, favouring the implementation of research and creation projects. Méduse also lends a bike to the artist in residence.

Méduse’s services include:

  • Artistic support (mainly provided by the partner organisation*).
  • Logistic support (mainly provided by Méduse).
  • Access to technical workshops operated by experienced technicians and to equipment (access is free of charge or not depending on the type of project, partner organisation and availability).
  • Support with professional networking (provided by Méduse and the partner organization).
  • Organisation of public presentations (coordinated by Méduse).
  • Production of a short video to document the residence and/or the project (coordinated by Méduse).

Number of selected applications: 2

Deadline: May 18th, 2016

Dates of the residency:

  • January to March 2017 (3 months)
  • April to June 2017 (3 months)

How to apply:

  • All information about the residency here
  • Download the application guidelines here
  • Apply on emobility.pro
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