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Chair of Transdisicplinary New Media Klaus Fruchtnis on AOS (Arebyte On Screen)

Klaus Fruchtnis arebyte

As part of GPSme project, Chair of Transdisicplinary New Media Klaus Fruchtnis invites you to chat with him on #AOSBOT, developed by Faculty Solimán López for the platform AOS.

AOS (Arebyte On Screen)is a platform dedicated to artist videos, digital experiences and curatorial interventions and programming utilizing web-based formats. It invites artists and curators from around the world to experiment with new forms of creating, curating and presenting art online. It is viewable 24/7 both online and via a screen in the gallery window of Arebyte.

GPSme is a participative and collaborative project developed by Klaus Fruchtnis and Studio Azzurro. The project involves urban walks, photography, digital drawing, Google earth images, and online interaction with the public.

With a Smartphone and the help of its global positioning system, the artist wandered around the city of Milan, rediscovering the infinite aspect of the urban space, walking randomly, and recalculating his journey in real-time as he traveled.

GPSme is a project about the relation between art and technology. It questions how technology affects and guides our daily lives as well as our behavior in society. Through the detection of movements by a GPS, the piece creates a one-time experience, in which the public online will be the only one triggering the device through their urban walks (as if they were the ones holding the GPS). The device reveals a functional and playful dimension, that allows understanding how communication to a global positioning system works, but also its impact on our identity, and our relation to our digital devices. It allows us to travel between the real and virtual world.

GPSme was conceived as a sensitive route (parcours sensible), which takes into consideration all the features of a new digital piece. These features help reveal elements of territoriality and identity; the interaction between a society and its urban space.

GPSme is not a location device, it is a common place defined by mind and perception. As a collective project, the public will guide the artist and share with him, as well as invite him to discover their own perception of a place he doesn’t know. In return, it will allow the artist to share back with the public his own vision and his experience of the places he visited.